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About us

We're Aitor and Omar. We're brothers, we live in Madrid and have worked remotely as rojo2 since 2009.

Aitor has been coding since he was a kid, and as a professional for fifteen years. He started as a back-end developer, but he's been front-end focused for more than a decade. Aitor loves working with audio and video, procedural graphics and dig into the browsers' guts to discover new possibilities.

Omar started to work as a web designer in 2000. Since then he's been juggling UX/UI design with front-end development. He is interested in both the visual and technical sides of user interfaces, and has as much fun designing an icon in Figma as writing a component in CSS.

We love building digital products, with special interest on user interfaces, taking on challenges and experimenting. We've worked with an extensive number of technologies and frameworks. Although we don't like to tie ourselves to any of them, Vuejs and Sass have been among our favourite tools for a while.


Since early 2019 we've been working on our own project: Etercast. This is a web app that allows you to record very high quality audio in remote meetings, especially meant for easy and fast podcast production.

We developed Etercast from scratch using Vue and Sass to build the user interface. We employ WebRTC for audio transmission and WebAssembly for mp3 encoding.

You can try Etercast here.

Etercast screenshot
Etercast screenshot

Interested in working with us?

We've worked in a lot of different projects for a number of clients, but it's with web apps and agile methodology where we feel at home. If you need to create a web application from scratch or are looking for support on a user interface, maybe we can help you.

Send us an email to if you want to know more about us or are interested in collaborating on a project.